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Fundraising Policy

Purpose and Scope

In 2010 a Fundraising Policy was adopted to create guidelines for the various fundraising activities that take place at West Acres.  Here is the purpose statement from the policy: 

"In addition to raising needed money for church ministries and missions, fundraisers highlight specific ministry activities and build community within the church and enthusiasm for its ministries.  However, fundraising should never overshadow the practice of stewardship.  West Acres’ primary avenue to support individuals participating in short-term mission trips is through the Love Offering For Jesus (LOFJ); however, LOFJ does not cover the full cost of mission trips.  The purpose of this policy is to create guidelines for successful fundraising without undermining the practice of stewardship or missions giving through LOFJ."

This policy applies to any fundraiser planned by a ministry group or an individual of WABC, regardless of where it is held, or any fundraising event to be held by another group on the WABC campus.

Definitions and Types of Fundraisers


In order to help the church practice good stewardship, to act respectfully toward members of the congregation and others who are asked to support the church and its fundraisers, as well as support the goals of groups which participate in fundraising, these principles are offered as a foundation for church fundraising policies.



a.      Only one (1) In-Church Fundraiser will be scheduled per month.

b.      Only one (1) Individual Sales Fundraiser will be scheduled at any given time.  In other words, no two Individual Sales Fundraisers may overlap on the calendar.

c.       This policy imposes no limit on the number or frequency of Out-of-Church Fundraisers.

d.      To allow all groups/trips ample opportunities, only two (2) In-Church Fundraisers may be scheduled by any ministry group/trip during the calendar year.

e.      Fundraising campaigns of any type are limited to a duration of 30 days or less to avoid the requirement to pay Georgia Sales and Use Tax.  No fundraiser will last longer than 30 days.

f.        In-Church Fundraisers will not be scheduled on the following days:
Palm Sunday, Easter Sunday, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day
If a fundraising campaign overlaps one of these days, fundraising will be suspended for the holiday.

g.      To assist groups/individuals in scheduling their fundraiser according to this policy, a calendar of fundraising events is available to view on CONNECT which can be accessed through the church website with an active user account.  (Under the Calendar tab, select “Fundraisers”.

h.      The attached application must be submitted to the church office.  If the event meets the requirements of this policy the application will be accepted and the event added to the fundraising calendar.


a.      The following methods may be used to promote approved fundraisers:

                                                              i.      Church bulletin – Bulletin announcements are due by Tuesday at noon for the following Sunday and must be approved by the WABC staff member overseeing the ministry activity benefitted by the fundraising event.

                                                            ii.      Hallway screens – submit details and graphics with Fundraising Application.  (E-mail to Jan Bourdo - jan@westacres.org.)

                                                          iii.      Restroom stall signs and bulletin boards – Check with Jan Bourdo (jan@westacres.org) for availability.  Flyers for restroom stalls must be 8.5X11 size.

                                                           iv.      Website – submit details and graphics with Fundraising Application.  (E-mail to Jan Bourdo - jan@westacres.org.)


a.      In-Church Fundraising “kiosks” may be set up in the Rear Foyer or the Fellowship Hall, based on availability.  Check with Events Coordinator Jan Bourdo (jan@westacres.org) for availability.  Requests for In-Church Fundraisers to be in locations other than those designated above may be considered on an individual basis.

b.      The Cross Hall is not to be used for fundraising “kiosks” to protect traffic flow.


a.      Income received from a fundraiser must be held in a designated fund.  The designated fund must be established before the fundraiser is conducted.  Unless written policies are established indicating otherwise, the income from a church fundraiser must be spent on the intended purpose.

b.      Persons are not to be reimbursed for fundraising expenses directly from the original cash receipts of the fundraiser.  Requests for reimbursements are to be completed and submitted to the church financial office by the project leader on a timely basis.

c.       West Acres cannot give contribution credit for items purchased at fundraising events.  If an individual wants to contribute beyond the purchase price of item, then a separate check should be written to the church for this donation.

d.      The church cannot give contribution credit for any donations of property to be sold or auctioned at a fundraiser.  However, upon request of the donor the church may provide a thank you letter with the date and description of the property donated without assigning a value to the donated property.  Most donors will be able to deduct the contribution from their federal income taxes.  Upon request by the donor, the group/trip sponsoring the fundraiser will submit the donation information (donor name and address, donated item, date donated) to the financial office for the thank you letter to be processed.

e.      Money earned by an individual through fundraising that is not used by him/her (either due to the individual not participating in a trip, or because more money was earned than was needed), will be used by the ministry to offset trip expenses.

f.       Money earned through fundraising opportunities will not be returned to the individual for any reason.

5.      REVIEW
All of the foregoing is subject to review at any time by the church staff.  The church staff may approve exceptions to this policy on an individual basis.

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Fundraising Policy